Monday, May 2, 2011

Using SharedUserId in Android App

I had this requirement where App1 needs to access(read,write) the file system of App2. That does not seem very easy and surely there is no straight forward way to do this. I stumbled upon the concept of using SharedUserId that Android allows. Both the apps should have the same shared user Id in their manifest file. I must admit that this is not a very ideal solution. One needs to be extremely cautious. For e.g. if App1 did not use Shared Id at the time of launch, but decides to go for it at the time of upgrade, the new application might crash in the sense that it's data package might become inaccessible. Otherwise if it already had a shared Id but decides to go for a different one during upgrade, it will meet with the same fate.
So while opting for shared User Id, it should be taken in to consideration, that it will not allow any modification later and also it should be one time activity at the beginning. Once used, it tells you "Please leave me alone". :) 
There is already a bug raised for this, as I came to know from one of the LinkedIn members of Google Android forum.

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